Commercial Heat Pump - Air

Stephen Beech of Beech Properties approached Dalliam Ltd to help him achieve his aim to make his extensive network of student let properties carbon neutral. With over 80 properties Stephen had set himself a tough task, especially as he wants to complete this by the end of 2013. To do this Beech Properties first needed to make the building more thermally efficient. Their approach was to take the building back to brick and then create a highly insulated shell around the new layout of rooms.

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Commercial Solar Hot Water

The building team at the newly built Masjid E Tauheedal Islam Mosque in Blackburn, Lancashire required a sustainable and low cost way of heating water.

The Mosque has a high demand for water as worshippers are required to wash before prayer. Dalliam Ltd was tasked to design a solar thermal system which could fulfil the demand for a large amount of hot water and a storage capability of 2000 litres which will deliver 5000 litres per day.

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Domestic Heat Pump - Air

Ecodan 25 heat pump

John Hughes was finding it more and more expensive to fill his LPG tank and decided to look for a more energy efficient and less costly alternative to his LPG fed boiler.

Being sceptical about heat pump technology, John researched the subject for six months. He approached ten different companies for advice but found it difficult getting the right answers to his questions. This led John to contact Dalliam Ltd for help, and finally convinced him of the feasibility of air source heat pumps.

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Social Housing Heat Pump - Air

42 warden assisted flats owned by West Lancashire Borough Council.

Following a review of the old heating system which used a number of direct electric heaters connected to an 'Economy 7' circuit, Dalliam Ltd were called in to advise on an energy and cost efficient replacement.

Taking into account energy calculations from a building survey the team set about designing a new more efficient system, using Ecodan air source heat pumps. People are often afraid to use their heating because of the cost. The priority was to provide reliable effective heating when the residents most wanted it and a hot water system that was affordable. The new system provides this but has also lowered the energy rating and the carbon emissions for the building thereby fulfilling the Council's brief.

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More case studies to come

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