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We are a family run company based in West Lancashire but able to service certainly the north west of England if not beyond

We are passionate about advanced water and space heating and associated technologies.

Not only are they good for you the customer because long term they save you money and make your life much more comfortable than you have ever been. They are also good for the environment reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and the emissions burning them entails.

So cleaner on the inside - cleaner on the outside. Simple

Ecodan 18 heat pump

When a gas boiler fails the immediate reaction is to replace like-for-like. No time is spent reviewing all the alternative options available. And today there are alternatives.

Reduced energy consumption

Energy savings of over 30% are achieved by using a heat pump. Using variable flow temperature with radiators the running cost savings are over 20% and even greater for under floor heating systems.

That's just one example

Ecodan 25 heat pump

We ARE passionate about what we do. We want you to be happy and comfortable. Let us show you how this can be achieved.

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